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            One of the largest salons in the PoloPark Area 
Located across from Sears PoloPark, in the River City Sports and Popeyes Strip Mall 
         Open 7 Days a week. For appointments call 204-779-2224
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Q: My natural nails constantly peel and crack no matter what I do, what is the solution?

A: Depending on the nail growth, and condition there are limitless possibilities for weak, and soft nails. The leading cause for poor nail growth is water. The more one washes their hands, doing the dishes (without gloves), the  constant wet and drying of the nails causes erosion. Very similar to ocean water smashing onto a rock bed, and eroding the surface causing sand formation, your nails are in a very similar condition. By wearing gloves and conditioning your cuticles and nails either with a moisturising oil or cream constantly, your nail condition will improve drastically. Do not to forget to have a balance intake of calcium and vitamins too, your nails are bone-like tissues!

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Nails #1